How to Tell your Personal Branding Story, Digitally

Out with the old methods of storytelling and in with the new! 

For the absolute better, I’ve learned to adapt and turn to the art of digital storytelling to elevate my careers as an expert, grow my circle 10 fold, and create a valid online presence my followers can relate to and trust. The days of fake influencers and products/services with no voice are reaching their final days! And now, more than ever, people are rejecting “sales-pitchy” traditional storytelling and looking for the real voice to guide them in their journeys.

Let’s face it…Literally

Today, people really just want REAL. They want the good, the bad, the ugly, the crazy! They want to make REAL relationships and be able match a face and a voice to the name, and to the STORY they’ve heard so much about online! I know it can be overwhelming at a glance because I know you have so much to tell! Honestly, there’s no better time and place to start than in today’s online world and my team and I have the perfect tools to get you there!

Extend Your Story through Video

The one digital tool that I’ve seen grow and flourish more than anything in the past 25 years at the Agency and Studio has by far been Video content. It literally went from another fun “side exposure” item to the most essential part of creating a real online presence and relationship with my audience from home. 

Video has helped many easily reach millions online and helped establish an active and live presence for those with busy lifestyles(trust me on this one). It has truly helped me achieve my “golden hour” with my fans and followers, allowing me to highlight and share industry experience and expertise at any hour of the day. Not to mention, it has given me the chance and many alike the opportunity to show off my style, my voice and most importantly my story and topics I am passionate about.

Every day with video, I have the chance to connect with my audience more personally, where they literally can match my face to my voice, to my business, and to my story. Not to mention there are SO many fun and creative ways to tell it!

Recorded videos can be “sliced and diced” to create double the content elaboration for social ads or for websites. Short clips of processes or sneak peaks to a live Facebook session can give your audience a taste of what you’re offering. The opportunities for video storytelling are truly endless and only are limited to the imagination behind them

Run out of ideas? Give us a call!

Podcast It Up!

Cheers to the power of (mostly)free speech and opportunities to talk directly to your targeted audiences the first time around! Podcasting not only gives your shareable info a portable auditory opportunity, but it also allows you to give your story some extra grit and entertainment that your listeners will love! 

Podcasts have proved to me over and over again that they have the ability to build brand trust, and humanize content. People love when it’s raw and uncensored content so they really can get to know you. Now would be the perfect time to get REAL and discuss where you came from, how you found the solution(s) to your need(s) , where you’re going and where your professional journey has taken you. It also can make it easier to break down a story or a large sized lesson into portion sized segments. 

Sharing noteworthy learning experiences or hosting a thought leadership cast with another credible individual is just another way to gain credibility. We’ve had people come from all over the world to speak with us live and from what we’ve gained is that not everyone learns the same, but what everyone does do the same is listen. 

I can help you tell your story through personal branding, thought leadership, or content creation. My team and I are equipped with new methods and ideas to share daily! We can’t wait to expose you to a new world of creativity with Second Sol Studios!

If you’re interested in more, reach out to us for more information on our personal Branding services.