Personal Branding through Your Own Social Style

You may be asking yourself, wait, what is personal branding? Is social media the best way to really sell who I am, what I believe in, and what I do? If so, how do I do that without seeming like a robot? We have the answers to all of those questions, but first, let’s get down to the basics…

What is Personal Branding?
Personal branding is the art of promoting yourself and your career online. It is the story you want to tell your followers. Being able to provide thought leadership or be an influencer in your field of expertise is HUGE and requires sort of a science. You want to be recognizable, relatable, and credible and not all these things come naturally and might take some digging.

Social media is just the thing that can help you earn all of those qualifications on an easy to use, streamlined communication platform. It is the ultimate vision channel for creators and influencers to help amplify their mission on a larger scale than they can reach in person. It is the most commonly used method to help people who are looking to uncover and unleash their personal brand to new levels and you’ve stopped at the perfect place to master it!

Spoil your Channels with Consistency!
The single most important thing you can do to solidify and show off your personal brand on social media is to keep your content consistent! You want your audience to be able to easily point your brand out in the sea of brands alike and create something truly memorable. You also want to make sure your audience knows that you are steadily active and ready to engage and answer any questions.

Posting regularly shows that your brand is showing up and thriving. When your posts and overall presence are inconsistent and you are lacking in the communication department, it presents the wrong message. You want your audience to trust that you are a brand that is investing in your communication channels and are a place that will constantly provide thought leadership in your field of expertise.

Create A Personalized Flow Your Followers Will Love!
All noteworthy content starts with a plan. Drafting up a 30-day content calendar allows you to stay organized and quickly point out content that is inconsistent with the rest. Or help you take notice of content that your audience prefers to engage with. You want to plan your copy and visual pieces to have a special marriage that is heavily recognizable even while not on a main profile page.

Some helpful tricks to help with this is to create a set of words, phrases or hashtags to use constantly throughout your copy. This way, your page will have designated search hashtags and will show up towards the top if not first, while someone is searching for your page. You can also use a lightroom preset filter to overlay all of your photo content to help give your page a trendy look that flows nicely as your users scroll down your pages no matter the coloring on the content piece.

*Pro Tip*
Video content is becoming a hot comedy, and now, more than ever, people are at home, interacting and watching video content daily as it’s taking up its newfound home on social media. Second Sol can help you tell your brand’s story through video production to use and “slice & dice” for social media video content.

Break Down Those Walls & Let Your Style Be Heard!
Creating content pieces that reflect who you are and what you want your personal branding to show about you is the key to showing who you are to the world on social media. Don’t be afraid to show the real you, the messy you, the you that chooses the pink pen over the blue every time. Now is the time to dance like nobody’s watching and tell your story!

Tell your audience how you started (even if it’s ugly), to where you are now, to where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Talk about your daily struggles and how you power through them, or talk about the types of things in life you enjoy and why. Hop on a Facebook Live every now and then or host a Live Q&A session. People will appreciate your authenticity and the real person behind the keyboard that has a motivating and unique style.

If you are interested in learning more about how Second Sol Studios can help you tell your story through personal branding, thought leadership, or content creation, sign up here!