Creative energy is rare and valuable.

We designed the Second Sol Studios Photo and Video Studios to minimize the stress-inducing pressure surrounding photo or video shoots. Organizing technical and support equipment and managing the needs of talent and production staff can divert valuable energy away from producing the creative product. With hourly rates starting at $75, Second Sol Studios provides the facilities, equipment, and environment so anyone from seasoned professionals to first-time webcasters can focus on the work at hand.

Fully Equipped and Technically Tops

Our spacious studios are fully equipped with the modern professional equipment a photographer or videographer needs to get the ideal shot. All our Photo and Video Studio rentals include lights, light rigging, various backdrops, and a heavy-duty video camera tripod. Use our wireless multi-camera hub to monitor, record, and stream live HD-quality video from multiple cameras. Hi Speed WiFi is available to send your footage straight over to our on-site editing suites to get production and post-production finished in the same day.

Our common areas let your team gather, relax, and communicate before, after, and during a studio rental session.

For long work sessions, your team has access to coffee, drinks, and snacks. Most importantly, the tranquil, hip environment of Second Sol Studios will energize and inspire your team so they can produce their best work.

Studio Connect Light Rail System

Second Sol's Studio Connect light rail system get your lights off the floor and into the air so our clients spend spend less time moving lights and stepping around tripods and over wires and more time on the work. This versatile light support system adapts to any 5/8" mount flash heads, monolights, or tungsten units with or without soft boxes, umbrellas or reflectors. The counter balanced support system allows rapid and effortless height adjustments and directional light control for lights and flash heads weighing up to 33 lbs.

Questions about our lighting? Just ask.

Wireless Multi-camera Support

Connect, monitor, and record video and audio from up to four cameras or devices wirelessly and switch between them seamlessly. The hub supports live broadcasting directly to over a dozen services including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Adobe Media Server, and more. Given today’s times, live events have become a difficult task. Sling Studio allows us to take your live event virtual, while maintaining a quality and engaging experience for your audience!

Wireless Video Inputs

  • Send video from up to 300 feet including from Android, iOS, or HDMI devices.
  • Up to 4 monitored sources via Wireless 802.11ac connectivity
  • Supports 4 sources at 1080p30, 720p60, and 720p30 or 2 sources at 1080p60

Need specific info on our video hub? Talk to our expert.

White Brick Wall, Barn doors, and Backdrops

Second Sol Studios is equipped with a number of different backgrounds to meet the needs of your production. Our white brick wall is a tremendous addition to a modern yet rustic aesthetic, while our barn doors add a timeless classic touch to any production. The studio also supplies a black curtain, white curtain, and green curtain backdrops with a stand to position them where needed.

Questions about backdrops? Ask us.

Props, Scenery, and Storage

Second Sol has built a library of props to add interest to photo or video shoots. We keep a variety of patterned backdrops, artificial plants, interesting chairs, and funky items to add that final element to a webcast, interview, or product demo set. For our clients with a production schedule that spans days, weeks, or months, Second Sol Studios offers storage lockers and storage space rental for your props and set elements saving the time and energy of loading, transporting, and unloading them at the start and end of every shooting day.

Need a specific prop or set? Ask us about it.

Included Amenities

Going on set for a photo or video shoot can feel like landing on a deserted island. Forgetting to bring something you need with you often means doing without it. We want the experience of renting studio space at Second Sol to be more like a luxury hotel than a desert island. That's why we include things like a heavy duty video tripod, WiFi and Internet, and business center access with our studio rentals. We also provide hard to transport items like tables, chairs, and wardrobe racks so your crew does less lugging. We have dedicated parking, a dressing room, a sink, refrigerator, beverage and snack bar, and common space so your production crew can spend less time solving issues of comfort and more time focusing on the work.

Come see why Second Sol Studios is an oasis for professionals serious about creative productivity.

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