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Professional Podcast Studio Rental

We know why you podcast. We understand why you webcast. Your expertise, your point of view, and your content - this is how you help your audience and your customers. They listen because you teach and entertain them and the quality of the audio should reflect the quality of the content. Second Sol Studios Professional Podcast Studio is engineered to let podcasters of any experience level focus on their strengths, perform more naturally, and create a standout product.

Podcast Studio

Achieve Audio Zen
Second Sol Studios created our Professional Podcast Studio as the optimal audio recording venue. Acoustically designed, treated, and soundproofed, our Professional Podcast Studio creates the ideal isolated space to create consistently great-sounding recordings without interruptions. Equipped with
world-class recording gear including microphones, mixers, monitors, boom arms, pop-shields, and more from brands like Shure, Rode, K&M, Behringer, and Mogami, our studio is an audio recording Shangri-la not just for podcasts but also audiobooks and educational products, voice-overs for training videos,
presentations, and product videos, and audio content for apps and websites.

Experience how effortless producing polished audio can be in the tranquility of Second Sol Studios.

Looking for a Podcasting Instructor?

For those new to podcasting or webcasting, Second Sol Studios' expert Pod-Coach will walk you through the process personally. Our Pod-Coach will assess your needs, develop a plan with you, schedule your session, and ensure so that all the equipment and talent needed is in place on the day of your first recording session. We are serious about helping you take your podcast from idea to inception serenely.

Experienced webcasters can mix and match from Second Sol's offering to create their ideal studio rental experience with hourly rates starting as low as $45. Rent our fully equipped broadcast quality audio recording studio on its own or add an audio engineer to run the equipment. Take home the recorded files to edit, produce, and distribute yourself or add Second Sol's Editing and Production service or our Social Media Management service freeing you to focus on producing your next episode.