Introducing Second Sol Studios: the Cornerstone of Creative Storytelling in Tampa Bay

Welcome to Second Sol


Introducing Second Sol Studios: the Cornerstone of Creative Storytelling in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is thriving. With a greater influx of residents, and more new businesses, than ever before, our area has never had more stories to tell. With the launch of Second Sol Studios, CEA Marketing is proud to offer business owners and creatives in Tampa Bay all of the resources they need – and then some – in order to tell these stories in a captivating way. Second Sol Studios represents a new wave of possibilities, both for the CEA team and for storytellers in our area – but how did it come to be? What exactly is its purpose? Let’s find out.

About the Founder, Kelly Bosetti

Kelly Bosetti, CEO of CEA Marketing and founder of Second Sol Studios, has been a notable figure in Tampa Bay’s digital marketing industry for over 25 years. Throughout her career, she has been passionate about driving brand growth, ushering each business into its future by helping them embrace new possibilities. That philosophy is precisely what inspired Kelly to launch Second Sol Studios.

What is Second Sol Studios?

Second Sol is the sister studio to CEA Marketing, one of the Tampa area’s foremost digital marketing agencies. That said, Second Sol is so much more than just a studio: it’s a place where creatives gather to brainstorm new and innovative approaches to storytelling. It’s a home base where storytellers have access to all of the resources they need to cultivate ideas, innovate narratives, and push the envelope in their stories.

The purpose of Second Sol is to give creatives the space, tools, and collaborative environment they need to stay ahead of trends and captivate audiences with fresh, exciting storytelling. It is this mission that fueled Second Sol Studios’ three foundational principles:
Collaboration: stories become more robust when we come together to find out how to tell them. The collaborative spirit of Second Sol Studios encourages inspired collaboration in good faith to inspire each creator to do their best work.
Experimentation: breaking barriers means giving yourself room to try something new. Second Sol Studios is a judgment- and obstacle-free space where creatives are encouraged and inspired to tell stories in unprecedented ways.
Education: true creative power comes from an endless pursuit of information. The best creatives never stop learning from their surroundings, their discoveries, and each other.

Stories are nothing short of magic: they create relationships out of thin air, having the power to connect individuals and masses. Second Sol Studios is a place for the area’s creatives to explore the power of storytelling on their own terms.


Second Sol Studios is changing the way stories are told and brands are seen in Tampa Bay. To learn more about our studios or to start a membership, click here.