Why Collaboration is Important to Your Brand Identity

Before we can create something new, we must LEARN something new!


Unless you are the owner of a well established mega-corporation, which sells products in an array of different markets, then YOU are the selling point of your brand. When you think of brands like Kraft, Proctor and Gamble, or Nestle, many people don’t put a face or image to the brand because they are so deeply ingrained in our culture; in layman’s terms it’s just unnecessary for these brands. But for a developing brand in our digitally fueled society, having a strong brand identity is essential. People want something they can connect with on a personal level, and it’s difficult to connect with a business entity that has no personality. 


How Collaboration Can Grow Your Brand

A huge part of having personality, a trait valued by most consumers, is having connections with other individuals or brands. Not only will collaboration make your brand seem more innovative and easy to work with, but it will also expand your target audience. Through collaboration your brand can reach potential customers which you otherwise may not have reached. 


What Makes Collaboration Lucrative?

Another aspect of collaboration which benefits your brand is the opportunities it can provide you with. No single individual is an expert at every facet involved in growing a brand. Even businesses with many employees don’t have all the technology or knowledge they need to successfully grow their brand. Even if a business has employees skilled in multiple areas of content creation, they may lack expertise in certain aspects of each medium. 

This is where collaboration comes in, it provides you and your brand with a network of individuals who are experts in their given medium of content creation. When trying to build your brand and its identity you want to produce the highest quality content which you can possibly make. Rather than trying to film and edit your own photos and videos only to be dissatisfied with the outcome; you can collaborate with a freelance videographer and producer of your choosing. 

Not only will this save you time and energy, it will make you more money in the long-term. Collaboration allows you to work with professionals who will create the highest quality custom tailored content perfect for your brand. The best part is that you avoid losing time which could be better spent working on your business while gaining a high quality piece of content which will pique your audience’s interest. 

And who knows? Maybe someone wants to collaborate with you!


If you want first rate, COLLABORATE

Collaboration with other brands or individuals can seem like a daunting task, however it may just be the best thing for you and your brand. It’s important to keep an open mind when considering collaboration, think to yourself “What can this individual / business offer me?”.


Don’t forget to C.O.L.L.A.B.O.R.A.T.E.

C – Creative (Think outside the box, don’t be scared to try something new)

O – Original (Make original content)

L – Likeable (Strive to make content that people will enjoy)

L – Learn (Learn from collaboration to grow as a professional)

A – Apply (Take what you learn to grow your brand)

B – Be innovative (Don’t be afraid to start trends)

O – Organic (Let ideas come to you naturally. Brainstorm often!)

R – Respect (Hear what others have to say, any idea is worth hearing)

A – Answer (Answer questions about your brand before customers even ask)

T – Tell a story (Give your brand a personality through the content you release) 

E – Entertain (Make content People want to watch)


Collaboration can help you tell your story through personal branding as well as content creation. We can’t wait to expose you to a new world of creative collaboration at Second Sol Studios!


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